Poverty in Colorado

In the recent years Colorado has seen a rise in population and cost of living. While on the surface it looks like Colorado is a great place to live, some of the local residents have felt the burden of the higher cost of living. According to Talk Poverty’s¬†report for 2016, 11% of Colorado residents live in poverty. This ranked us 12th state in the country. 13.1% of children are below the poverty line, and it makes up 9th in the country. We can do better and¬† help our children thrive. The last statistic I want to mention is for food insecurity, we are 8th in the nation, with 10.3% of the population being food insecure. These numbers might come from the fact that our population is growing so fast, we added 100,986 people in between 2014-2015, our human services resources might not be able to handle such a large population. It is our job as Colorado residents to help those less fortunate while the government catches up. You can help children in poverty by donating or volunteering with Snack 2 Learn.

We provide healthy meals for children to enjoy on the weekends for many Denver children school lunches are the main source of nutrition. A couple simple food items can sustain a child over the weekend and vastly improve their quality of life.

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