Growing up Food Insecure

Marissa Higgins wrote a great article about growing up food insecure and how it affected her school performance, and general feelings of self worth. The article in it’s entirety can be found here¬†.

One thing that stands out in her article, is how easy it is to not notice that a child underperforms because of hunger. In more affluent areas, where hunger is not all that common, a child who falls asleep during class or is distracted can be perceived as disobedient or lazy. However, imagine for a second having hunger pains and headaches, and having to absorb new, difficult information at the same time. When a food insecure child does get food, it is often of lower quality, because fast food and junk food are cheaper and require less effort than a wholesome meal.
For a child who can’t always depend on their guardians, a bag of chips is much easier to consume, than attempting to cook, however the nutrition value of chips is basically non existent. Keeping this in mind, Snack 2 Learn¬†prepares healthy meals that children can enjoy at home with minimum prep. A little empathy can go a long way, and for the children who face food insecurity healthy meals on the weekends can make a world of difference.

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