Food Insecurity in United States

According to American Psychological Associating, about 1 in 5 children experience food insecurity in United States, as described in this article. Low food security can impact anyone negatively, but especially children. There is nothing a child can do to improve the family’s financial situation, however their minds are still preoccupied with  the next meal, instead of schoolwork. It is hard to see how the school curriculum will help you eat tomorrow, so older kids might drop out and get jobs, and younger kids might just withdraw emotionally. Free school lunches help to alleviate the stress children experience from hunger, however, the lunches are only available during the week. is a Denver based non-profit that packages healthy lunches for students to enjoy on the weekends. Knowing where the next meal is coming from can positively impact children both emotionally and academically. Please visit our site, to learn more about our work in the community.

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