Child Poverty in SW Colorado

According to the the Journal article written on 4/2/18 the child poverty rate in SW Colorado persists. “Recently released Colorado Kids Count data show that 11.7 percent of children in La Plata County were living in poverty in 2016, which was almost unchanged from the year before.” The employment rate has went up, yet poverty persists. Low wages and high rents make it difficult for people to make ends meet.
“Colorado has seen trends similar to those in Southwest Colorado. While the state has had one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation, the statewide poverty rate was 13.4 percent in 2016.” Colorado did approve a raise in the minimum wage, so hopefully as the increase goes in effect the poverty rate will start diminishing, however the raise won’t be fully in effect until 2020.
While SW Colorado is seeing one of the worst poverty rates, the rest of the state is not immune. Snack 2 Learn provides the bare necessities that children need to succeed in school. Without eating focusing can be very difficult. When kids have food security they are far more likely to pay attention in class, and spend time at home doing homework.

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