The American Face of Hunger

The National Geographic magazine published an article about the changing face of hunger in the Unites States. The article is worth a read and I strongly recommend it. “This is not your grandmother’s hunger,” says Janet Poppendieck, a sociologist at the City University of New York. “Today more working people and their families are hungry because wages have declined.” The article, complete with stunning photographs show many families that look just like our neighbors and friends. The article states that “The root problem is the lack of jobs that pay wages a family can live on, so food assistance has become the government’s—and society’s—way to supplement low wages.” Some of the families have their own gardens to grow food, and then preserve it as much as they can to last through the seasons that are not fruitful. Many foods commonly donated to—or bought by—food pantries are high in salt, sugar, and fat, so to be able to grow your own food that is nutritious is very useful.

Snack 2 Learn helps to alleviate some of the stress from hungry families in Colorado. We provide healthy lunches for children to enjoy on the weekends. Parents often give all the food to the kids and go hungry themselves. When a child is guaranteed a healthy meal every weekend, the parents can momentarily relax and perhaps escape the survival mode at least for a few days. Please consider donating or volunteering with Snack 2 Learn.

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